Palm Beach Gymnastics 2024 Summer Camp

Fun Filled Day of Gymnastics and Activities at our New Boca Location

Summer Camp 5/28/24 – 8/16/2024
10% Early Pay discount for all Tuition pre-paid by 5/1/2024

Child Ages 5+, No Walk-ins.

Choose by the week or by the day. Full, Half and Extended days available.

*$10/Day non-refundable, non-transferrable deposit to reserve.  No Exceptions.  Deposit will be withdrawn automatically once camp is reserved.

Register today to reserve your spot.  Space is limited.
10% sibling discount.
10% Early Pay discount for all Tuition pre-paid by 5/1/2024
Summer Camp Dates:
Tuesday, May 28th 2024 – Friday, August 16th 2024

FULL Day (9:00 am* – 3:00 pm) :
Weekly Rate: $350.00/week
Daily Rate: $85.00/day

1/2 Day (9:00 am* – 12:30 pm) :
Weekly Rate: $285.00/week
Daily Rate: $65.00/day

Extended Day(9:00 am* – 5:30 pm):
Weekly Rate: $450.00/week
Daily Rate: $100.00/day

* Drop-off starts as early as 8:30 am

Additional Information:

  • Online Registration: Completed registration must be submitted for each child at least 24 hours prior to the camper’s first day. No walk-ins allowed.
  • Snacks: Snacks are not included, please make sure to provide snacks and a water bottle.
  • Lunch: Lunch is included with Full Day tuition
    On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, the lunch option will be pizza. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, chicken nuggets & fries will be served.  We understand that some children may have dietary restrictions or preferences that differ from our menu offerings. If your child falls into this category, we kindly ask that you plan on providing lunch for them accordingly.

*$10/Day non-refundable, non-transferrable deposit to reserve.  No Exceptions.  Deposit will be withdrawn automatically once camp is reserved.

Our Gymnastics Camp Program has a NO REFUND POLICY. Only in the case of extreme medical emergency will this policy be reviewed. Additionally, refunds are not issued if a child is dismissed due to disciplinary action based on his/her behavior or misconduct.  Camp tuition balance is due in full the first day of camp for each week.
GROUND RULES: It is our goal to ensure that each child has an enjoyable and fulfilling experience as a participant in our program. We will always emphasize positive ways to deal with difficult situations. Children must stay with their designated camp leader. They must ask permission to use the restroom, join other activities, early departure, etc. This is to ensure the safety of the campers. Everyone is here to have fun! Bullying, dangerous play and violence will not be tolerated. Our policies on discipline include verbal warnings, one-on-one discussions, time outs, parent conferences, and possible removal from the program.

Sample Schedule

8:30 Early Drop-off / Activity
9:00 CAMP START – Stretching / Obstacle Course / Floor Exercise
10:30 Snack
11:00 Gymnastics Events
12:30 Lunch / 1/2 Day Dismissal
1:30 Trampoline / Tumbling
3:30 Extra Hours Gym Events
5:30 Extra Hours Dismissal

DROP OFF:  Drop Off starts at 8:30am.  The camp staff will be there to meet you and your child and check them in. All children must be checked at the front desk in by a parent/guardian. Please notify the staff at this time if somebody different will be picking up your child.

After 9:00am, organized activities will start, and our facility may be locked for the safety of our campers.  If that is the case, a sign will be posted outside on the door asking you to call for access.

PICK UP: Children must be checked out by a parent/guardian/designated person each day. Please do not drop off or pick up your child without locating appropriate staff!

Pick Up Times*: ½ day 12:30pm, Full Day 3:00pm, Extended Day 5:30pm

*Late Fees: We will allow a 5-minute grace period to pick up campers. If campers are picked up after the specified grace period, parents/account holders will be assessed a late fee of $1 per minute, with the start time for charges commencing at the camp ending time.

Camp Upgrades:  You have the ability to upgrade your camp times, just let us know at check in or call us and we can change your time.  The upgrade fee is $20.00/day for ½ day to a full day or full day to extended day. If you are upgrading from a ½ day to an extended day, then the fee is $40.00/day.


½ Day: A snack for morning and a reusable water bottle with child’s name on it.

Full and Extended Day – A snack for morning and afternoon, and a reusable water bottle with child’s name on it.

Things To Keep At Home: Any items considered dangerous (knives, guns, weapons, fireworks, matches, lighters, etc.), Money, jewelry, or and expensive articles, laptop computers, iPods, iPads, MP3 players, Gameboys, DS, personal toys etc.  We will not be responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items

CELL PHONES: While at camp, your child will not be allowed to carry his or her cell phone on their person. All cell phones will stay in backpacks. However, campers may check their personal cell phones for messages during break times.

SPECIAL NEEDS: If there are any special considerations that you feel we need to be aware of regarding your child (medications, allergies, behavioral problems, illnesses, etc.), please let our staff know.

What to Wear:  All students must wear proper attire for camp. Girls wear a gymnastics or dance type leotard, leggings or shorts and a tank/shirt. Long hair must be tied back and out of the face. No hanging earrings, bracelets or necklaces. Boys wear shorts and T-shirts.