Palm Beach Gymnastics Competition Team

Palm Beach Gymnastics offers one of the most competitive Girls program in Palm Beach County. Our team environment is designed to bring out the best each child has to offer.  We offer competitive options (USAG JO and USAG XCEL) depending on each gymnast’s goals, outside interests, and family commitment. Our teams have produced remarkable results at the State and Regional Levels.  Palm Beach Gymnastics has different options for female athletes who wish to participate in the competitive arena: Pre-Team, USAG (JO) Team, USAG XCEL Team



Pre-team is designed for young athletes with an uncommon drive to succeed in the sport of gymnastics. Pre-competitive levels teach strength, flexibility, determination and the skills required to move into competitive gymnastics. These are gateway levels to competitive gymnastics.



By invitation only, the Women’s J.O. Program is designed for gymnasts with natural talent and an uncommon drive to progress as a competitive athlete. It takes gymnasts through designed and structured progressions intended to give each athlete the opportunity to reach the highest levels in this sport.



XCEL is designed for girls interested in transitioning from recreational gymnastics classes into a competitive team program.  Less rigorous than the J.O. Program with a smaller weekly time commitment, XCEL offers gymnasts the ability to train and participate in the world of competitive gymnastics while leaving time for other interests and activities.

Training Time

  • Level 1-2 Training time: 4-6 hrs a week
  • Level 3-5 Training time: 9-15 hrs a week
  • Level 6-8 Training time: 20-25 hrs a week
  • Level 9-10 Training time: 25-30 hrs a week